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Customer portal

Give your customers access to their own web portal with the web client, where they can follow their data realtime. For example, they gain more and more comprehensive insight into stock and can generate reports at any time with realtime data. All without the need to install Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Web portal provides customers 24/7 information

Arie van de Put, Director at Koel- en Vrieshuis Lintelo: “The information needs of our customers are increasing and are becoming more and more specific. After all, we manage their products and it makes sense they want better insight into the goods stored. Through our web portal, all desired information can be found 24/7. Stock history, services provided, costs incurred, shipments, invoices … everything is transparent. Previously the customer picked up the telephone, now he can look up everything in detail himself. Our customers appreciate this service and it saves our employees a lot of time.”

Available information in the WMS customer portal:

Stock overview

Realtime insight in the actual stock per product

Goods in

Overview of all goods in.

Goods out

Overview of all goods out.


Via track & trace insight into status / location of shipments.




Download invoices (pdf)

Quality control

Quality control



Reliable and


The data are made available via a secure connection in the customer portal and updated realtime.

A complete, digital customer service

The Boltrics customer portal gives your customers 24/7 real-time insight in the data you make available for them. But it does not stop there. Read the leaflet and find out how the use of the web portal benefits you, your customers ánd their customers.