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Groupage software

Many logistics service providers take care of their customers’ groupage of individual shipments. That requires a lot of your software: many documents are needed per truck or container and the administrative process is laborious. With our groupage software, you can optimal plan partial shipments and set up freight documents and invoices quickly and easily. The condition for profitable groupage activities!

Groupage export

When groupage exports, the individual consignments are registered by destination. These bookings are linked as a consignment to a container file. The software shall then consider the total weight and size of the consignments in the container. And you can easily print out (provisional) loading lists and container manifesto.

Groupage import

During groupage import, the individual consignment in a container are entered in the system. Per consignment the transportation can further be scheduled. The software takes care of the necessary documents.
Various consignments in the container can be entered in the module Groupage Import. For each consignment, onward transport will be arranged, including the associated documentation.

Groupage & LTL


Groupage and LTL (Less Than Truckload) freight forwarders are confronted with many pickup locations and delivery addresses per route. That makes planning groupage drives complex. Efficiency improvements are achieved by cross-docking and the right bundling of items.

With the right software, you can create optimal schedules for your drivers and be prepared for traffic jams and other delays.