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e-AWB forwarding software

Forwarders and logistic suppliers who take care of the export documents for air cargo always use an AirWayBill. E-Air Waybill (e-AWB) is the electronic version of the paper AirWayBill. With the Forwarding software of Boltrics you easily create an e-AWB, via Cargonaut, that you can send electronically to the airline. Just that quick and easy.


Interface Schiphol Airport


For Schiphol Airport is Cargonaut the platform for the exchange of information between all parties in the logistics chain. With the major advantage that these parties must provide their data only once. Forwarders send messages via Cargonaut to customs, airlines and handling agents.

Our FMS expedition software has an interface with Cargonaut, allowing you to handles the administrative processing of consignments quickly and easily to and from Schiphol. The status of shipments is always clear, because the FSU status updates of carriers are processed automatically in the FMS software.

You receive a warning in the FMS when certain messages have not been received yet (for example FSU) or have not been inserted (e.g. FWB, 755 ECSHUB). By sending all messages complete and on time, you are compliant and your shipment is “green” in the e-cargo receipt portal of Cargonaut.

e-AWB in FMS software:

Less handling costs

Accelerated process

Reliability in supply chain

Realtime status update on AWB

Less chance of mistakes

No paper archives

Airfreight forwarding documents

For the import and export of goods via airfreight, the necessary documents are needed to get the goods across the border. The entire range of airfreight can be managed with our software, from sender to recipient. You enter data only once and the software simplifies and accelerate work processes, saving you time and providing you better insight.

AWB Stock per airline (export)

Control VAT, MRN, EORI, Chamber of Commerce, etc.

Interface with IATA Hotfile

Flight details

E-AWB / AWB / HAWB and manifestos (export)


Profit share registration for import

MAWB / HAWB and Manifestos

CMR / transport orders / ACN receipts and confirmations