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Fixed time & Fixed price

All conceivable operational and logistical processes are standard incorporated in our software. So, no customization is required, because our branch standard contains all the functionality you need. The implementation is a matter of determining what you need, where we ensure that the software integrates seamlessly with the processes and roles in your company. That is why we guarantee a Fixed time & Fixed price implementation. Without a doubt.

Fixed time: live in 3 months!

Your logistics processes depend on the performance of your software. Of course, you cannot afford the transportation planning is endangered by software bugs. Or that your employees are unaware which orders they should pick. Or that each order must be entered in two software systems. Or the wrong picking method has been used…
Thanks to our extensive implementation experience in logistics service, we know how to execute the deployment smart and fast. Your employees will be trained in time and your customers will notice hardly anything during the transition to the new software.

Keeping the implementation period short and powerful, we disrupt the daily operation as little as possible. Working this way, requires a clear work agreement and the commitment of the entire implementation team.
Our projects are completed within three months. From the first workshop to the moment the software goes live. With unprecedented speed, we make it happen!

Fixed price

In advance you know what the software implementation will cost. Together we agree on what will be delivered and what the associated costs are. No surprises. We deliver what we promise, no doubt!

Project approach

Due to our project approach, in which the software implementation and the training of key users coincide, we can implement Fixed Time and Fixed Price. The Boltrics implementation process include the following phases:


Workshop processes

We discuss the work processes (and the particulars) of your business.


Simulation I

The consultant of Boltrics demonstrates your team how work processes can be set up in the solution.



The consultant of Boltrics set up the business processes in conjunction with your key users.


Simulation II

During a field test, your key users show how the business processes are supported by the software.



Go-Live, guided by a consultant Boltrics.