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Boost the efficiency of your transportation processes and increase your service possibilities with the App Platform

Within transport companies, many important activities take place outside your office. Your drivers arrive at the customer, make a chat and discuss the details of the transport order. Yet the handling of these orders is often done at the office, while this does not contribute to the company’s efficiency. Office employees are already busy enough with answering phone calls and administrative tasks. Therefore, they do not always immediately have time for customer questions. This is a pity, because the customer expects immediate assistance.

With Boltrics’ App Platform, you take pressure away from your office staff, give your customers more options for remote control and you speed up the process from A to Z. All these features increase the convenience for all your employees and customers.

Much more than an application

The App Platform is one application center for all your mobile devices. It offers multiple functionalities for your transportation company, your customers and clients. It can serve as a POD app for your drivers, booking system for your clients or for timeslot booking. Because of the many functionalities, the platform is much more than a mobile application.

Increase the service possibilities towards your customers

With the App Platform you increase the service possibilities towards your customers and clients. They no longer have to call you to, for example, submit a transport order, book timeslots or drivers. They can easily do this themselves via the App Platform from any desirable device. In addition, drivers have access to the platform – if you wish. After delivery, they can confirm the delivery themselves. In fact, the customer can immediately confirm a delivery (POD) including a signature! Moreover, all these actions are directly registered in your WMS.

Discover what the App Platform can do for your transportation company.

An always up-to-date platform, directly connected with your TMS

The App Platform is – like all other Boltrics products – continuously being developed based on industry-wide input. This way you always have the latest technologies in order to meet your needs for your (potential) customers. Moreover, it is directly connected to your TMS, making double registration a thing of the past. A transaction on your mobile device is immediately reflected in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The most important benefits together

  • All registration from one application

  • Accessible everywhere on every device

  • Always up-to-date technology

  • Lower the workload at the office

  • Improve your customer satisfaction

  • Boost your employees’ efficiency

  • Directly connected with your TMS

  • Pay per use