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Sea freight: software as

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Sea freight forwarding software

With our Sea freight forwarding software (FMS) you take care of your sea freight shipments from quote to invoice, from terminal to terminal and from door to door. Including the accompanying documents. Gaining you insight into costs and revenues, so you can intervene immediately when profitability decreases.

Sea freight forwarding: custom declaration

With the data you entered about the shipment, the necessary customs declarations are completed for you;

  • VWA, NCTS, Customs documents per container, per dossier
  • One or more containers a declaration
  • Bill of Lading report release
  • DIN / DEN control via Portbase

Sea freight import

When importing FCL and LCL shipments in our FMS software, you simply generate a confirmation of delivery (arrival notice), transport, CMR, Customs Entry Document, Transit declaration and an invoice.

Sea freight export

With our Sea freight forwarding software, you can record all relevant data for an FCL or LCL export booking. Generate a booking confirmation, transport orders, CMR, Customs Export document, Transit declaration and an invoice directly from the file.

Sea freight forwarding documents

For the transport of goods by sea, the proper export and import documents are required to get the goods smoothly across the border in order not to pay too much import duties. The entire range of sea freight can be managed with our software, from beginning to end. You enter data only once and the software simplifies and accelerates work processes, saving you time and providing you better insight.
Once you have entered the data, you have the necessary documents:

  • Bill of lading
  • Retrieval- / delivery documents for containers
  • CMR for container
  • Invoices
  • Customs declarations
  • Assignments & confirmations
  • Shipments certificates
  • Value statement
  • EUR.1 certificate
  • Certificate of Origin (CO)
  • ATR

Sea freight expedition tariffs


There are no standard sea freight rates. Prices depend on the load (Ro / Ro, FCL full containers, LCL groupage or cars in containers). But also of the location of origin and destination, and the number of ships that sail that route. Our sea freight expedition software records complex tariff agreements, so you always have insight into the costs.


Register data

Capture the necessary data in our sea freight expedition software for the handling of containers, pallets, cars or packages:

  • Product information (size, weight, hazardous substances, etc.)

  • Temperature

  • Details Client & Receiver

  • Loading and unloading address

  • Shipping Company & ship

  • Ports

  • ETD and ETA

Transform your processes

Many freight forwarders leave a the potential big data can bring unexploited. How about your organization? Do you already (proactively) share data with your customers? Discover how you can easily streamline the processes for handling ocean freight. And how you can, thanks to the available data, easily optimize the customer experience.