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AirFreight: Stay informed

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Airfreight forwarding software

If you are an air freight forwarder, you know what a challenge it can be to make shipments, appointments, and processes insightful in order to meet your customers’ demands and stay relevant. Are you wasting time manually entering data into different systems? Is it a struggle to provide your customers, customs, and airliners with up-to-date information? Or are your customers frustrated because you can not meet their needs?


Don’t limit your business with complicated and outdated processes. Stay ahead of your competition, answer customer questions with ease and support growth without difficulty. Give yourself the power to execute with up-to-date software and reduce the complexity of IT and associated costs.

Streamline your shipments with a user-friendly solution for the air freight sector

The one-time data entry is enough to handle the order, to initiate the shipment and send the invoice. Our advanced airfreight forwarding software easily supports all processes for handling air cargo. Throughout the full range of shipments, from door to door.

Discover how our software can help you streamline your processes.

Air freight imports

All types of airfreight shipments can be managed with our airfreight forwarding software (FMS). Consolidated air waybills (master air waybill) or incoming airfreight consignments are split into separate documents in the software (house air waybill). The shipments can easily be placed in storage, processed for customs and be removed. Starting from the shipment, the transportation towards the receiver can also be arranged.

Air freight exports

Control the export of airfreight shipments easily with our expedition software (FMS). After the registration of the shipment data, the system generates the necessary documents. Such as House Air Waybill, Master Air Waybill, and customs documents.

VCK Logistics Airfreight streamlines their airfreight specific processes with Boltrics

Eric Aarsen, Managing Director at VCK Logistics Airfreight: “We have chosen Boltrics software – based on Dynamics 365 Business Central – as it uses the latest technology. Enabling us to easily interface with other parties and enable us to support our air freight specific processes. In addition, the same solution also houses our warehouse and transport activities, which makes it possible to integrate all process in one solution, enter data only once, and create with our management information a complete overview of all our activities at a glance.”

Airfreight expedition: registering data

With the FMS airfreight forwarding software you can register all relevant data on airfreight shipments;

  • shipment (size, weight, packaging, etc.)

  • sender

  • receiver

  • carrier

  • airline

  • ETD and ETA

Airfreight rates

Rates for airfreight are never standard. Our airfreight forwarding software records the complex tariff agreements in the system, so you always have insight into costs and revenues.
Through a connection with Cargoguide, it is possible to select up to date rates and add these to the shipment.
There is an interface available with IATA Hotfile for processing IATA Cass invoices.

Airfreight customs declarations

The required customs documents for import, export, and transit of goods can be sent to customs directly from our FMS expedition software (all digital);

  • Import documents

  • Export documents

  • T1 documents

For airfreight via Schiphol (Amsterdam), our software is connected with Cargonaut (DGVS). Links with other customs systems for the handling of import and export can be realized quickly.

Airfraight forwarding


For the import and export of goods by air, several export and import documents are necessary to get the goods across the border. The entire range of airfreight can be managed with our software, from sender to receiver. Enter data only once and the software simplifies and accelerates work processes, saving you time and providing you better insight.

  • AWB Stock per airline (export)

  • Control VAT/ MRN/ EORI/ Chamber of Commerce etc.

  • Interface with IATA Hotfile

  • Flight details

  • E-AWB/ AWB/ HAWB and manifestos (export)

  • Pre-bookings

  • Profit share registration for import

  • MAWB/ HAWB and Manifestos

  • CMR / Transport orders / ACN receipts and confirmations