Groupage: the profits

Groupage: the profits

of unity in multiplicity.

of unity in multiplicity.

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Which combination of partial shipments is the most optimal one? How do you keep the paperwork and documents in order? Boltrics gives you the answer, with groupage software that facilitates the efficient planning of shipments and takes care of related shipping documents and invoices. Together we groupage profitable!

Software for Groupage

Our TMS software supports all activities in 3PL logistics services, such as order management, shipment planning, route planning, contract management, as well as complete management of tariffs, surcharges, etc. Integrations with various on board unit systems and with advanced planning systems (APS) are available by default. The Boltrics’ software supports all forms of road freight, whether you handle transport for your customers with your own trucks and drivers or outsource it to carriers

Exchanging data between cross-dock depot(s)

You want to deliver goods as fast as possible, but at the same time load your trucks as smart and efficient as possible. A fast and reliable data exchange between cross-dock warehouses and trucks makes optimal scheduling of shipments easier. More insights in your road freight, and a higher turnover!

Transport documents

Once the data of shipments are entered in the TMS the required documents are generated automatically as a CMR, loading list, receipts, and manifest. The bill of lading can also be created in digital form.



Based on the agreed tariffs, the transportation costs can easily be calculated. Thus, the price of a new transport can quickly (and automatically) be calculated and with just one mouse click the quotation can be emailed or converted directly into a transport order.
read more about tariff management

Groupage invoicing

Once the shipment has been delivered, the invoice is automatically generated in the TMS or reserved for a collective invoice. Because the shipment is linked to the quotation, the administration department can check and send the invoice.
Special expenses such as waiting hours, repackaging or booking fee, may be added.


If the transport is outsourced externally, the invoice from the subcontractor can be checked, thanks to the connection of the transport order with tariff agreements. Self-billing is also possible. The purchase invoice will be attached to the file via “document scanning”.

Groupage & LTL


Groupage and LTL (Less Than Truckload) forwarders deal with several collection points and delivery addresses per route which makes planning groupage shipments highly complex. Improvement in efficiency is achieved through cross-docking and the right bulking of consignments.

In our FMS software, you can make optimal schedules for your drivers and you are one step ahead of traffic jams and delays, for example.