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Dynamics International sets course to logistics industry with partnership Boltrics

Logistics doesn’t stop at the border. Therefore, Boltrics’ 3PL solution does not either. That’s why Boltrics is continuously searching for partners who can represent the logistics branch standard accords the Dutch borders. In this search, they crossed paths with Dynamics International. This resulted in a new collaboration, fitting the ambition and philosophy of both software providers. For this activity Dynamics International decided to create a new brand called Dynamics Logistique.

Achieve international ambitions by working locally

‘A Dutchman communicates more easily with a Dutchman, and a Frenchman more easily with another Frenchman. Simply because they speak the same language,’ states Jan-Cornell van Ekris, Marketing & Sales Director at Boltrics. ‘Based on this idea, we work with resellers across the world. Because when you can close the language barrier, the implementation of the software can run smoothly.’ That’s why Boltrics joins forces with international parties, like Dynamics International, that provide implementation and support of the 3PL solution in their own country. In this way, the first gap – being the language barrier – is closed, and the focus can move to what really matters: providing customers with an integrated solution fitting the needs of the logistics industry.

A new path towards the logistics industry

The logistics industry is continuously in motion, literally and figuratively. That does not only cause continuous change in customer needs. It also causes industry wide challenges for software providers. With their branch specific solutions, Boltrics has provided a solution that needlessly fits the wishes of logistics service providers, for over a decade, and is always up to date to concur the latest challenges in the logistics industry. ‘A challenging industry, in which there is no solution available that fits the needs of French logistics service providers yet. That’s why we as a software provider can make a difference, by helping our customers deal with the small margins the industry faces. The possibilities on the French market, together with the product and philosophy of Boltrics, triggered us to invest in this industry.’ Says Patrice Dacquin, founder of Dynamics International. ‘Focusing on what the industry needs is of great importance. Only then you can provide the optimal solution for your customers. Boltrics does this for a long time already. Together we will successfully bring the 3PL solution to the French market.’

History as Dynamics partner

Like Boltrics, Dynamics International has also made name for itself as Microsoft partner on the international market. From its philosophy, the software provider focuses on the quality of service, to provide the best solution to their customers. ‘The quality and involvement of our consultants allow us to excel in providing high quality services to our customers,’ says Patrice Dacquin. ‘With experience in Dynamics Business Central (formerly known as Dynamics NAV), Dynamics International can directly get started with Boltrics’ 3PL solution. Starting with the first implementation as partner: Kloosterboer Harnes.

Paris, the 26th of October 2020

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